3 Tips for Saving Money on Shipping

Merchandise shipping is among the most complicated processes for anyone. If you fail to plan or do poor planning, you might end up losing sales if you are not offering cost-effective or consistent delivery to clients. Additionally, you might end up over-paying. That is why you should find simple ways to save money on shipping.

In case you usually ship items that weigh no more than 2 pounds, it is good to make use of the Priority Mail or First Class services. And in case you ship those that weigh over two pounds you should consider opening an account with UPS or FedEx. This is because you will spend less on their services and thus save. 

Controlling your shipping costs is imperative but it is usually an overlooked part for small companies. Most small companies are very involved with the central components of their businesses that it is hard to provide shipping the required attention. If you are a small business owner and are looking for ways to save on shipping, we have a few tips that will help you out. Check the tips below.

Make use of USPS flat rate boxes

I know a friend who uses USPS’ flat rate cartons mail and his business is doing great. There are several services that you can use. Some services will even let you sync up with your website and lets you create the labels effortlessly. Using such services provides you with discounts on your shipping. If you have been hesitant about using the flat rate cartons, try them and you will admit that they are the most affordable option.

Use freight sending

This is another great way way to save cash on shipping. Instead of using FedEx or UPS, consider sending your packages through freight. While it is an affordable option, ensure your order is huge. You may consider splitting your order on various freight trucks. Simply do this when the customer consents to it since the arrival time might be different. Otherwise, if you do according to your will, you may land yourself in trouble with your clients.

Bargain with various carriers

If you want to stay contentious in the eCommerce business, ensure you consider shipping costs. Some business owners have bargaining powers but they don’t know. Also, they are those who are afraid to bargain. Ensure you do not fall into any of this.

Bargain with different shipping companies so you can find one that can offer you the best and lowest rates. Most carriers will have an urge to give you a contentious price once they realize they are competing for your company. Provide carrier representatives with information about your business. Also, give them a summary outline of your strategy to develop – read article on drop ship products to sell online.


You are not in business to make loses but to profits. Shipping costs can be a huge burden on your business. That is why using the above tips is important. If you have the bargaining power, you are as lucky as a leprechaun. Don’t forget to be friendly with the agents.

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